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Couples married for years are getting divorced or separated. I am even shocked at the number of couples in the ministry who are struggling with their marriage relationship.

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And that is just in what we can actually see. Maybe a couple stays together because of a church position like a pastor. Or maybe they stay together to protect their pride and reputation. Regardless of the actual reasons for keeping a marriage together in public, they are broken and hurting in private. Eventually, those problems come out of hiding, whether it is to the children who are close to it or the general public in an explosive reveal. Have you heard that they are no longer together? No, wait, you mean that couple? Nor can you neglect your marriage relationship and expect to stay happily married.

You may be happy for a time, but that neglect will show itself. No, God means for your marriage to thrive and for you to stay madly in love for a lifetime. I have to admit that this is a prescription that has been hard for my wife and me to take lately. There are things about life that are sometimes hard to understand and accept. Also, you may know that my nephew Jack was killed by a reckless driver a couple of months back. This makes most of the things we do in life seem so frivolous. The bottom line is, we have not laughed very much lately. If your marriage is hurting, laughing is like a medication that heals those hurts.

Listen to what God says about it. And not just laughing in general, but laughing together brings healing to the hurts of your marriage. Sometimes, Amber and I talk about our honeymoon, which, looking back, had a lot of laughable moments! For example, I was going to be romantic by carrying her over the threshold of the door into our hotel room on our first night together. Instead, I violently slammed her head against the door frame! We both grew up in strict homes and instead of being romantic, I was just clumsy and awkward. We had no idea what we were doing! And eventually, I learned to not be like Hagar the Horrible!

These memories are the kinds of things that make us laugh together.

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Laughing together is like a medicine that heals the hurts in your marriage. The memories of those funny moments, make your life together more meaningful and intimate. It makes all the difference in the world to your relationship. There is something intimate for a man and woman to laugh together.

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If my wife and I were struggling in our relationship and I saw her laughing with another man, it would make me feel cheated. Algoe, studied 71 heterosexual couples in regards to laughter and relationship well being. The results were overwhelming, the couples who laughed simultaneously, measured with the best relationship quality, closeness, and social support. Maybe we should just say that the couple who laughs together, stays together! If you can learn how to laugh together, you can make your marriage relationship deeper and more meaningful.

Laughing provokes so many personal emotions. And to share that laughing together is incredibly intimate. Usually, the things that make us laugh together are the funny things that have happened to us. After reading and now rereading your books, I recognize that I can be a better counsellor. Through the many techniques to help anyone who is looking for help on their journey.

Your amazing recovery story is very inspiring and I congratulate you on your sobriety. I always thought if I could help just one person it would be amazing, this must be completely mind blowing from the lowest point to one of the highest. Congrats again. Those are huge accomplishments and will allow you to serve in a great capacity.

You are the lighthouse. This is so good!

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  • I use a lot of the same practices in my sobriety as well. Thank you for sharing! Thanks for this gabby. I found my deepest healing in a 60 day juice fast. It lead me to a plant based diet and asa result the nutrition fed and nourished my entire body. I now have emotional well-being and balance combined with high energy and optimum health. Clean eating has enabled me to reconnect to the energy of the universe thru eating live foods. The food i eat is an energy exchange- im now buzzing with life xxx.

    I, too, work a step program for addiction. It always helps me stand out of my own party of wreckage and surrender to the greater system and mysteries as a whole. I will always be a newcomer to the universe… but I have stopped waiting my own arrival. There is timeless wisdom in many of those ancient texts.

    Marcus Aurelius could be writing today! Gabby, thank you so much for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us.

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    I just celebrated 16 years clean and sober august 17th. You sharing your story in a public way will help so many people.

    Thank you for your courage, thank you for your humility, thank you for your honesty and authenticity, thank you sharing what works for you as it will likely help others in equally powerful ways. Thank you for shining the light on the truth that recovery is possible and sustainable even when life is hard, we can stay clean and sober one day at a time, sometimes one breathe at a time. Thank you for reminding us that life really is about love. Thank you for being the light.

    Feelings and Cancer - National Cancer Institute

    Michele, thank you so much for your kind words. And thank you for being and sharing the light. You are serving the world in an important and amazing way. Thank you for sharing this!! I pushed down my feelings for years until they bursted out of me: loss, pain, anger, every unsaid feelings and emotions. But I turned toward spirituality and it helped me so much. You helped me so much with your thoughts, inspirational stories and your book. So thank you so much Gabby!!! Congratulations on your recovery and thank you for sharing your story and gifts! Fabulous anniversary to you, what an achievement!

    Truly, I am incredibly grateful, a day at a time, for that part of recovery. Ty for at least getting my attention.

    Healing Quotes

    Caroline, I want to honor you for your fearless honesty and for your willingness to see things differently and perhaps even do things differently. All we need is the slightest willingness. Thank you for your comment and your truth — and congratulations on 13 years of sobriety. Hi — I was introduced to you and your past, your skills and your spiritual awareness a few weeks ago.

    I have one question though. You continue to talk about doing it for LOVE. I love my family, my son, job, animals and on and on. The other not so much. I would appreciate your help or directing me to another source. Thanks so much.