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Tonight is also Lee Adama's debut on the Quorum, the legislative body of twelve delegates from each of the original colonies.

Which relationships stand the test of time, and why?

I always thought of the Quorum as analogous to the U. Then a shouting match broke out and the delegates started telling each other to "kiss my ass," and I realized that it's more like the House.

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Lee has joined the Quorum thanks to ex-terrorist, now-vice president Zarek Richard Hatch , and so far he's mainly here to annoy President Roslin. Tonight, he blows the lid off a confidential plan that Roslin's been cooking up for a secret tribunal system. We don't know where the plan comes from or how shady it really is, but either way, she sure seemed annoyed — and in the meantime, while they were all playing gotcha, some other delegate who was trying to talk about health care got cut off and shunted to the side. Score one for democracy. Last but not least: the Cylons are still having a civil war.

Last week, half the models opened fire on the other half, sparking a kind of "ethnic cleansing" — their words — across the fleet.

Bind by Kaye Blue

Dean Stockwell leads the half that was thoroughly pantsed in last week's surprise attack; the other follows a new Trisha Helfer model, who's talked all the centurions and raiders into rebelling. Tonight, Dean Stockwell turns the war around by outwitting the other side, and mercilessly wipes them out — and unless I misunderstood, it sounds like he has completely eliminated all of the sixes, the eights Grace Park , and maybe even the Leobens Callum Keith Rennie , who also sided against Stockwell. They've been shot down out of reach of a resurrection ship, and that means they're as gone as the Lucy Lawless model last season.

Well, with one exception: Boomer, the one model eight that turned against the rest, is having a weird fling with Stockwell, and we see her by his side as he wins the first Cylon Civil War. She's wracked with guilt about murdering her sisters.

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Says Stockwell: "They can trust their God to watch over their immortal souls. We don't have souls. With all that bloodshed and mayhem, let's end on a high note. In the wake of their devastating old married couple fight last week, we get to see Roslin and Adama patch things up. She's receiving chemotherapy, and the drugs just start to hit when she hears Adama sitting by her side, reading a book. I can't tell if listening to James Edward Olmos read aloud in his gravelly basso profundo would be would be an awesome literary experience, or almost instantly annoying.

But he made Roslin happy, and that's what counts. But if she never comes back, I guess Hot Dog's odds have ticked up a notch. Aside from having sex in a restroom with Baltar, she's never been more than a background character — and yet she's been a part of the press corps forever. Now that's continuity. The A. Chris Dahlen.

Share This Story. Share Tweet. Instead, she ended up living in a beautiful brownstone in Harlem with an order of Catholic nuns, who ran a non-profit family health service.


ABM - Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine : The Ties that Bind- or Don't

By day, Alice would help undocumented migrants and asylum seekers navigate medical problems or deal with deportation issues. At night, she would race off to workshops with college students as part of her masters in literature. It was perhaps inevitable then that the dreamy bookworm, who roped her younger siblings and cousins into performing her plays from an early age, would eventually write a novel that draws not just on the experience of living in Harlem but of working with people at their most vulnerable.

How could she, the reader asks in the beginning.

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A survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Constance has experienced the kind of horrors few can fathom. The young mother is largely seen through the prism of Marina, a middle-class academic living in a beautifully renovated brownstone that once belonged to an order of nuns yes, the same brownstone Alice once called home. Unable to have children with husband Jacob, she was nonetheless a devoted stepmother to Ben, determined to create the loving home she and her brother Dov craved. When she crosses paths with the almost mute Constance and her distraught child, a small act of kindness has unexpected — and life-changing — consequences.

The novel goes back and forth in time and place. Alice readily concedes there is more than an element of art imitating life in her novel, and not just in the setting. Like Jacob, her husband Danny is a psychiatrist. Like Marina, she became a loving stepmother to his boys both now in their 20s. I found that really fascinating that they were so adamant they wanted to raise their own children when at that time in Israel it was quite standard practice for kids to be brought up like that.

The testimonies of survivors make difficult reading but it is not the first time Alice has ventured into such heart-wrenching territory. She spent hours with Holocaust survivors and their families, documenting their experiences for After This, a collection of stories published in An experience that was not only profoundly important but also ultimately gave her a deeper understanding of the effect of trauma on children. While Alice is quick to acknowledge her own privileged upbringing, her family history undoubtedly contributed to her empathy for others.

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Although Marina and Constance consume most of the narrative, Alice says it is Gabriel, the abandoned toddler, who was always at the heart of the novel. And the love he craves from his mother, but unwittingly elicits from another. Alice recalls being asked by an African woman in Perth to attend the birth of her child three years ago.

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Then there is the absence of connection, when someone, like Constance, is so damaged they lose the ability to engage with their child. Where does it come from? There were many success stories. When she returned to New York in to spend three months back at that brownstone finishing the novel, Alice saw some of them firsthand. So often we curtail that love to our immediate family circle and I think there is so much work it can do outside of that.

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